Breast Reconstruction

Modern surgical treatment of breast cancer saves lives and is constantly improving and evolving. Nonetheless, women must sometimes have mastectomies-be they partial or complete. Fortunately, the reconstructive options also continue to improve and evolve.

Dr. Rodgers offers many options to patients with regard to breast reconstruction. From the placement of tissue expanders and implants to the reconstruction of partial breast defects drawing upon Dr. Rodgers’ microsurgical training, trust the Artisan Center to help you decide what best meets your needs.

Many women have had previous mastectomies and are interested in learning more about reconstructive options. Dr. Rodgers encourages anyone that feels they may be interested in breast reconstruction to make an appointment so they can learn more about it. It is never too late to under go breast reconstruction and Dr. Rodgers has performed the operation on patients that have had mastectomies over 2 decades prior.

Insurance is always receptive to covering the costs of breast reconstruction and Dr. Rodgers is proud to be an in-network provider for most insurance plans. Even if you need procedures to the opposite breast, the costs are often covered as well! Nobody that has had a mastectomy should ever feel that they would not qualify for coverage of the procedure.

Breast reconstruction is generally a 3 step process. The first step is the most major and involves creating the breast ‘mound’. Depending on individual desires, anatomy, general health and prognosis, certain options are better than others. Options range from the use of implants to literally borrowing tissue from elsewhere in the body such as the lower abdomen or back. It is during this step that surgery to the opposite breast such as a reduction or a lift may be performed to assist in creating symmetry (it is difficult to match a very large or pendulous breast). If a tissue transfer is to be performed, several days of hospitalization may be required for close monitoring. Once the breast ‘mound’ is mature (3 to 6 months) the next step, nipple reconstruction, is performed. This is a very minor surgery with little to no recovery. During this phase, additional procedures to enhance symmetry may be performed-both to the reconstructed breast and the opposite breast. The final stage is tattooing of the reconstructed nipple to match the color of the opposite breast. This is done approximately 3 to 6 months after the nipple reconstruction and is done in an office setting.

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