Facelift (Rhytidectomy)

The aging face exhibits characteristics that are common and predictable. Most notably, we lose volume in our cheeks and, as they begin to sag, we develop deep creases around the mouth and jowls. The misconception is that our skin is to blame for becoming loose. True, aged skin is less elastic, however the reality is more involved than just inelastic skin. As we age, we lose bone, fat, and muscle in our faces. The skin now has less support and is not suspended in the same position. The treatment for this is, of course, a facelift. Unfortunately, the term is very broad as not all facelifts are the same. Many commonly advertised ‘quickie’ facelifts address only the loose skin. These procedures do little or nothing to tighten or restore the deeper tissues of the face.

At The Artisan Center, we understand that different people need different types of facelifts. We offer options from non-surgical “Liquid Facelifts” which enhance your deep tissue volume to tighten your skin to full surgical facelifts which lift and tighten the muscles of the face. Some patients benefit from fat grafting at the time of their facelift. This is done by harvesting fat from the tummy or thighs with liposuction. The fat is then purified and centrifuged before it is transferred to the cheekbone area to augment the face. Call today to find out more about our facial rejuvenation program!